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By & (C) 2000 Nick Montfort
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Release 11 / Serial number 060905 / Inform v6.30 Library 6/10

This is the mansion's spacious ground-floor antechamber. The wallpaper is peeling and bits of plaster have fallen from the ceiling here and there. There is a stairway, stable enough to ascend. The big area to the west must have once been a separate room,
but the demolition crew seems to have already taken out a wall. A living room is east. On the south side is the front door. A Dumpster has been dumped here.

The contractor clears his throat and points at the big Dumpster. "Forget the fixtures, but pick up everything that's not bolted down, including the stuff out back. Then, drop off all the debris - er, I mean, um, treasures - right here ..." He scrawls
something on the Dumpster with a marker. "Good luck!" The contractor hurries out the front door, which slams closed, leaving you alone.

You spot a door to the north, leading out back. It is shut quite tight.